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Cinema And Media Rooms

We are at the forefront of the home cinema market and have been designing cinemas for many years, delivering home cinema solutions for clients like you, who are enjoying the jaw-dropping cinema experience within their own home.


Our cinema room installers receive industry-leading education and training regularly to continue delivering excellent service to our customers. We plan from the outset considering every detail from the space and layout of the room, so that we can plan your ideas around it. The layout of the room and space available is very important as this will determine the size of the cinema room screen, the position of the seating and the acoustics, and placement of speakers so you get the best possible surround sound experience. Lighting schemes would be the next thing to look at, not just the lighting when you are watching the film but the atmosphere you want to create both during and after the film is over. The size and type of screen requires great consideration as this is the focal point of the room. Dependent on budget and space of the room we recommend projector and screen to get the most authentic cinema experience. If the budget and space is an issue, we could go with a large screen TV and there are many options available. The sound in your cinema is very important, the type of speakers, the number, and their arrangement need careful consideration so that you get the best sound quality possible. Then based on the room size, we consider the seating, if you choose a one row arrangement or a multi-row arrangement for a true cinema experience. If you prefer a sofa or armchairs, or tailor designed made seating, that is ok, whatever you choose, remember to focus on comfort, as your family and friends will spend countless hours in your home cinema room. We ensure all the necessary calculations are done so that you can enjoy high-performance sound and vision that has been designed to industry-high standards. Depending on your budget, we can install a variety of home cinema systems. As we partner with several suppliers and are dealers with some of the best brands for speakers, projectors, screens, and seating in the industry.


With quality at the heart of every project, the above process of creating your home cinema begins with a free thorough consultation with one of our experienced engineers to understand the expectations and requirements of your vision. Our team with the aid of some of our top industry partners will design your audio-visual, lighting, interior design, and cinema seating all you must do is relax while we take care of the installation from start to finish.


We can provide past examples of projects we have completed so you can understand the excellence and quality of our installations. We also love to see the designs you have in mind so we can work in collaboration to create your dream home cinema. If you enjoy the big screen experience, we can design and install a home cinema according to your style. This could be a Marvel, Harry Potter, Batman, or Star Wars inspired designed room, no matter the design, we will provide the best immersive sound and vision experience to suit your budget.


We understand it can be frustrating when sound travels throughout the house. As experts in home cinema, we go the extra mile to ensure you have an immersive and convenient cinematic experience from the comfort of your home. We can create some amazing rooms using the fabric wall systems, with feature shelves or lighting embedded in the wall. In media rooms, the choice is between an OLed or Led TV. However, when you want to watch a movie or a big sports event on the big screen, we can have a drop-down projector screen to fall in front of the television - giving you the best of both worlds. For most media rooms a short throw projector allows the projector to sit on a tabletop or you could have a fixed drop-down. Our engineers and designers can walk you through all the options available to you and design the right solution for you.


Our full quotes are only given to you after our engineers survey your location. We do not have hidden costs and our fees are competitively priced for each stage of the project.


So why go to the cinema to watch the latest movies, when we can bring the big theatre screen to you? Watch your favourite films, TV series, soaps, and dramas in optimal visual quality with high-fidelity equipment, including 3D and 4K screens. Discover the movie-theatre experience at home!