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With busy lives, your Wi-Fi system must be fast, reliable, and secure. Our services incorporate state-of-the-art systems keeping you in control 24/7. With intuitive applications, you can make any changes at any time, from any place. Networking is everything that we do to distribute data around a property as well as to and from the internet. This includes wired and wireless networks.


New technologies such as HD picture, 4K TV, audio and many other smart devices increasingly using large digital file transfer across multiple devices place increasing demands on our home and business networks. Therefore, it is essential that your Wi-Fi network has the bandwidth and resilience to ensure the efficient running of your property or premises. In almost every smart home the devices require some form of data network, without a good network in place, you are unlikely to get a smart home that works consistently.


The data network consists of an infrastructure made up of cabling, switches, routers, firewalls, access points and the equipment that ultimately connects to it. A good network is the basis of a smart home or business, we take this very seriously and make sure at the cabling stage we have the correct infrastructure in place to allow for sufficient data cables for future-proofing your home or business by installing the latest cables to handle the network speed and automation needs and making sure you have the correct Wi-Fi coverage for your home or business. Once we better understand your requirements, we can specify the right equipment that will work solidly and perform consistently.


Often, we find that the ISP (Internet Service Provider) router is not fit for purpose as it only has 4 ports on the back of it. A smart home requires 20-50 network ports, so this becomes immediately redundant.


During the design phase, we consult with you to make sure we create a tailor-made system directly relating to your specific needs. Whether you have business premises, a dedicated home office, or simply provide for your family's need for a seamless Internet connection – it's vital to ensure you have a reliable, robust, and secure network. This could be the ability to restrict a younger family members' access to the internet when it's bedtime with a simple swipe of a screen, to enjoying immersive state-of-the-art music and films in each individual room or having separate Wi-Fi for visitors available. We can provide a cohesive Wi-Fi solution and by using our customised service, we offer a unique system that is designed with your input.